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Why is it important for a person from Lifetime Construction to meet the adjuster from the insurance company?

We are your advocate with the insurance company. We want to be there so that we can ensure you get the best possible assessment. We’ll be able to point out what the adjuster might otherwise miss, or discuss options that are in your best interest and theirs.

What if the adjuster shows up and a Lifetime Construction person is not there?

Call us immediately. We have countless examples of people not receiving the full benefit of their insurance because no one was there to advocate on their behalf.

Why does Lifetime Construction work with my insurance company on a claim?

We work closely to all insurance companies that have coverage in the state of Colorado. Insurance companies want to come to an agreed price with us because they trust our expertise, quality of work and in the end this gives you the best product for the amount they are willing to pay.

Why shouldn’t I bid this job out and get the best price?

When a project is bid out, each contractor tries to give you the best price while putting on their cheapest product. This is actually to your detriment as a homeowner. Because we work hand in hand with your insurance company throughout your project you can rest assured that you are getting the best product possible for the price paid.

How can you put on a Lifetime Shingle if the insurance company is only paying for a 20 year shingle that I have on my house?

We wouldn’t want an inferior product on our home, so we will always find a way to get Lifetime Shingles on yours.

Is Lifetime Construction a local company?

Yes, we are as local as they come. We have been in business for almost 10 years and aren’t going anywhere.

How long have your crews been working with Lifetime Construction?

Most of our crews have been with us for over 6 years. The quality work that they put in every day is the reason we continue to succeed. We pay them well and give them the respect they deserve.

What should I do while the work is going on?

In most cases you will want to remove your car from the driveway. We encourage customers to leave the home while the work is going on as the noise can get bothersome.

Is there an inspection of the work after it is complete?

We have a Quality Control Person (QC) that oversees the project, and your City/County will send an inspector to check our work at the end of the project and in some cases during the project.

I do not understand the claim paperwork.

We have answers. We have had years of experience with every type of insurance out there. You will not be left alone to try to understand their jargon.

Want to know more about us?

Learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.

Still not sure if your project is the right fit for Lifetime?

Call us anyway! If we can’t help, we’ll tell you who can.
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